Posted by: marinmom | September 21, 2007

Dreaming of Polar Bears

The polars bears are disappearing, drowning in a sea in need of ice.  Of all the global warming stories, this broke through the busyness of my life. I stopped.

I pondered a life without Arctic ice.  Will there be a world without it?  I want a world with polar bears, walruses and whales.  

My kids love polar bears, we read about them all the time. I dream of taking my family to Canada some day to see them.  It is one of my top ten trips I want to do during my lifetime.   Will they still be there? I hope so. 

I guess it is time to bring my recycled bags to the store, shop local, buy organic and use public transportation.  I may not be able to save the polar bears, but I can save a little landfill.  Any other ideas on little things I can do to really make a difference?



  1. have you seen the movie Arctic Tale? Wonderful story of Nanu, a polar bear and Sela, a walrus pup, and their story of growing up with shrinking ice. The movie was great to share with my kids and helped them understand the impact of recycling, commuting by bike, and turning off lights in the house.

    Thanks for the post, great to keep this important subject in the forefront.

  2. Hey, thanks, I will order it on Netflix. Do you have a blog. If so, how do I find it?


  3. i am in love with polar bears. every single aspect of them. while global warming is slowly becomong more and more of a threat, polar bears are the ones being affected by our actions. LETS MAKE A DIFFERENCE PLEASE?

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