Posted by: marinmom | November 6, 2007

His mom rocks

My friend with cerebral palsy mother is and was incredible.  I remember at a very young age she made him do something by himself.  Pour his juice, get a sweater, something small for me, but difficult for Scotty.  I glanced at her briefly  and she knew I thought she was being mean.  She then gently explained to me that she was not always going to be on this earth to look after him and it was her job to make sure he could lead an independent life.  Even then, as a young girl, I understood the importance of task and admired her determination to make him stand on his own.  She succeeded.  She also taught me a lesson on motherhood.  I need to give children  the independence and skills to cope with life.

I admire her and yet wish I could console her. At the time, she was certain he would outlive her.


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