Posted by: marinmom | January 18, 2008

Half a fort

Today, my son and his friend climbed up the hill beside our house to play in a fort they found in a eucalyptus grove. It was destroyed. They decided to rebuild after  some distress and disappointment that someone had willfully destroyed their newly formed fort. After an hour or so, it was half rebuilt and they were all done. We ran down the hill and came home to popsicles and ice water. The neighbor kid looked at me in all the seriousness of a nine year old and said, “I am so proud I built half a fort today.”

I am going to follow his example and take pride in my half finished projects instead of berating myself about how little I have done or how incomplete some projects are despite my focussed attention. I will rebuild even if someone or something strikes down something I care about. Thanks for the inspiration, kid. I will build a fort with you any day.



  1. What an uplifting story. I will always keep in mind, “Half a Fort”.

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