Posted by: marinmom | October 5, 2011

Tahoe, California

I think fall is the best time of year to visit Tahoe. The crowds have dispersed, sunny days await  and fall foliage is peeking through the greenery.  Itinerary is simple:

Friday–We usually drive up from the bay area and take one of my favorite hikes from the base of Squaw Valley to Shirley Lake. In less than 100 yards from the start we are immediately removed from the bustling world and walking through rustling woods surrounded by the splashes of a rushing creek. We always stop along the way to dip a toe in the creek pools and to gaze at the mountains spread around us.

Saturday–Love to visit the beach at Sands Harbor, clamber from one warm granite boulder to another and plunge into the breathtaking cold, clear water. Water toys can be rented right on the beach.

Sunday–We like to take this hike on our way home. We drive down to Sugar Bowl and hike the easy Mt. Judah/Mt. Lincoln loop trail.  The trail begins just before Donner Summit. This hike can easily be adjusted to whatever our schedule needs to be, a short ramble or a long meander to grab that last mountain moment we need before we face the week.

Note: Both hikes are dog-friendly.


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